Hi there,
  Last week I had started to mock classes in order to test them. It is difficult to test classes performing network operations using normal JUnit tests. And hence I moved on towards using mockito. Through mockito I was able to add more unit tests which led to an increase in the overall code coverage.

  Another significant improvement is that I was able to remove another WebsocketConnectionPhase, readyToReceiveFeatures from the implementation. This now means that there are only three phases in websocket connection. I believe that OkHttpConnectionImpl connection logic has improved considerably over the course of past two weeks since we witnessed removal of two WebsocketConnectionPhases along with other uncessary logic .

  OpenElement and CloseElement from the websocket module now extend StreamOpen and StreamClose respectively. However, this hierarchy is prone to modifications under the newly opened #420.

  After lot of playing with debuggers, I now am able to obtain pretty output from the debuggers for the sent and received data between client and server.

This was my week. See you next week.