This week wasn't as productive as I was expecting. I ran into a some bugs and attempted to solve them.

  It got weird when my `okHttpWebsocketImpl` started receving `< failure >` stanzas during SASL authentication. I tried diagnosing my past commits in hope that I would be able to track down, where things are going wrong. In the end, I tried setting up the server all over again and found that my previous server was broken.

  When writing integration tests, I was running into failures when parsing `< iq >` stanzas of type `result`. The form field entities of type `text-multi` were perceived of type type `text-single` since it is the default type incase form field type isn't mentioned. As a result of discussion at xsf muc, we realised that there is indeed a need to mention form field types.

  Along with this I have put up a minimalistic websocket integration test which only tests connection establishment. Taking a step further, we would want two connections to be able to share data through websocket connections.

This was all for this week. Thank you for reading. See you next week.