Hi there,
  This week was exciting. I started off with polishing the XEP-0156 PR and got it production ready. With the help of continuous feedback from mentors I could get my XEP-0156 implementation merged. Yayy \0/ !

But wait, this is not the highlight of the week ;)
  While going through XEPs, I realised that the abstract to XEP-0156 was incomplete. And thus my first ever pull request to make minor changes into the XEP came into existence. I have not been happier. Irrespective of the fact that there are possibilities in which the change doesn't get accepted, I am happy.

  It is true that one cannot have a tenacious grip on some context without having practical knowledge. So, I have started following more and more discussions on the xsf muc. The muc is quite active and the discussions provide me a perspective. All in all, it is an enriching experience.

  In coming week, I want to incorporate my XEP-0156 implementation in websocket transport along with other changes. I look forward to whats coming up next!

See you next week!