Hello readers,
  In the previous week, I could interpret remote endpoints through the use of XEP-0156. This week my mentors, Florian and Paul have assigned me a milestone for the first month evaluation. Since XEP-0156 is by no means exclusive to the websockets subprotocol, it has been concluded that the implementation is an independent task in itself. So, for my first month evaluation I have to prepare the XEP-0156 implementation to be production ready and get it merged.

  I have started working for this implementation on a different branch altogether and have proposed a PR. The code is under continuous evaluation and improves with each review.

To check my pull request, Click here!

  I am expecting that this pull request will be production ready by the end of this week, so that I can incorporate these APIs in my websocket implementation. Along with these I have made few minor changes on the websocket tranport.

This was pretty much it for this week. See you until next time :)