Hello everyone,
  This week has been pretty amazing. Prior to GSoC, I had some commits which added support for a particular XEP, but I had always been curious to know what exactly happens under the hood, how these connections are established, etc.

  As of now, I am able to achieve success SASL authentication. This means that the code snippet actually works,

ModularXmppClientToServerConnection connection = new ModularXmppClientToServerConnection(config);

To monitor the course of SASL authentication, I have introduced `WebsocketConnectionPhases`. These phases keep track over status of the connection, right from `attemptingWebsocketHandshakes` till the connection is in phase `exchangingStanzas`.

  In the coming week, I would want to make methods more modular to remove redundancy and find a way to make websocket base library pluggable.

That is all for now. See you next week!