Google Summer of Code is a great opportunity for me to engage with open source communities. This is my introductory blog and an amateur attempt at blogging.

 Thanks for taking efforts, to reach out here and so I am obliged to tell a bit more about my aspirations.

 Hi, My name is Aditya, a candidate for GSOC 2020 through XMPP Standards Foundation. The opinions expressed here are mine alone and are subject to change.
 I am mesmerized by the impact social networking has on lives. I consider that, development of a networking platform revolves around two crucial and fundamental concepts:
 a) Transmission of secure data across the network.
 b) Ability to generate data which is interpretable at other nodes.

 Transmission of secure data would dive more into cryptography. I am more inclined towards generating interpretable data which invokes the need for a set of protocols, to be followed by each of the nodes on a network. This motivates me to get involved with the XMPP community. Moreover, working on Smack- a client library for XMPP would give me the freedom to focus specifically on the set of protocols and be less bothered about user interfaces.

 My GSoC proposal is about adding WebSocket support to Smack. My past experience with the Ignite Realtime Community has been intellectually rewarding and am happy to keep my part through this year's GSoC program.

 Looking forward to an amazing summer!

Learn more about my project here.